Pink Floyd: Interlude For a Moon Landing, Opus 34

Today we were introduced to the work of phellow Floydian, Udo, who landed in Bernburg, Germany, sometime during the prior millenium. Wishing to reestablish contact with our Pink Floyd brethern, he writes:

"[Moonhead was an] instrumental piece used for a TV [program] on the evening of the first moonlanding—July 20, 1969. The program was used by the BBC in between coverage of the actual moonlanding and was called But What If It's Made of Green Cheese. The theme was the first verse and the coda, with various actors reading quotes and poetry about the moon over [the music]. The rest of the [program] was information, discussions and sketches. Later in the show, Moonhead was performed uninterrupted.

"The music can be heard on the bootlegs With/Without and Wavelengths. The song has also been known as Trip On Mars."

Our indebtedness to Rod Fender of the Trippy-Dippy-Hippies group (hosted by Yahoo) for calling this interstellar video transmission to our attention!

UPDATE: The Beeb's Apollo 11: A Night to Remember is scheduled to be released to DVD on June 29th! Since we haven't yet seen it, we cannot attest that it includes the Pink Floyd soundtrack, but believe it's certainly worth investigating.